Recent Projects

Control System Review

  • HISC conducted an in-depth review of PLC, drives, and HMI configuration, functionality, and interlocks at a facility in Brazil. The customer enlisted the help of HISC following an incident that prompted further investigation into safety practices and compliance. HISC collaborated with key management to ensure that all equipment was brought up to compliance and implemented additional safety measures to create safer and more efficient processes for the future.
  • HISC thoroughly evaluated a positioning system in California to address system limitations encountered in inclement weather. HISC managed the system upgrade, maintaining safety and restoring full operational capacity while minimizing down time.

Support for plant shutdown and equipment transition

  • HISC has provided project support for several companies that discontinued operations or relocated manufacturing processes, including a prominent pharmaceutical packaging company and a well established bulk material handling company. In these projects, customers staged various levels of plant shutdowns to facilitate system retrofits. HISC managed the retrofitting of equipment, integration of new control systems and ensured that electrical requirements for each site were in compliance for their respective industries.

Support for international equipment repair project

  • HISC managed a multi-year project with a container handling OEM, providing support in the Americas to assess and rectify issues arising from discrepancies in product fabrication. The customer conducted a worldwide repair operation and HISC managed the project for all affected ports in North and South America, providing support by overseeing strategic movement of welding teams and equipment, managing project invoicing and approval and serving as the main point of contact for vendors, customers and business partners.

Custom Software and Web Development

  • HISC continues to work with a leading stevedoring company, rolling out software installation at additional sites. HISC developed software reduces mechanics’ time required to enter work hours and associated consumables as well as verifies accuracy, thus reducing required oversight by management.
    • Aral – Aral is a web-based certificate management system that was developed in 2003 and was created for storing and managing inspection certificates and equipment pictures for various types of equipment used in waterfront cargo handling. The system automatically alerts users when certificates are due to expire and allows new certificates to be uploaded, archiving the old ones. Some other features of Aral include ability to search by various attributes (such as location, equipment type, etc.) Aral also allows for multiple levels of user access and utilizes an intuitive data entry system.
    • Baltic – Baltic is a client-server based work order tracking system that was developed in 2003 and utilizes an extensible database to manage critical information from multiple sites. Baltic is designed to conform to significantly complex end user requirements and rules, for example; Baltic follows complex union rules to determine proper hours for many different levels of employees and includes biometric fingerprint security, as well as user and administrator interfaces with extensive reporting capabilities. HISC developed and implemented the work order tracking system, processes, and protocols for management and employee interaction with the Baltic system.