About Hartzell Industries

Our vision is to become the PREMIER service, consulting, training and project support provider of choice for our current customers as well as those we are yet to serve. We aim to be the golden standard for the industry.


We intend to realize this vision by building partnerships and relationships with mutually beneficial goals and objectives, thus increasing overall productivity and teamwork.

Company Philosophy

cranesAt HISC we believe that long-term success is more important than short-term gain, for ourselves as well as our customers. We want to help develop long-term solutions that lead to sustainable efficiency, service and profitability and we understand that this can only be accomplished by valuing strong relationships in addition to a strong bottom-line. This customer-focused approach along with our technical expertise will ensure that HISC continues to be recognized for our professionalism, innovation and ethical business practices. The diversity and experience of our employees has allowed us to serve the needs of our international customers and successfully manage projects in Latin America, China, Australia, Canada, Kuwait and Europe.

Our internal mission is to create an atmosphere where employees enjoy contributing to a positive work environment.  We strive to provide our employees with the opportunities and tools to achieve their personal and professional goals.